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Have your child’s birthday party at a location of your choice!


Are you planning a happy party for your child? We plan and run private celebrations for newborn, birthday parties, holiday parties and other club events, for children from 1 to 10 years old. We custom make the event as a personalized party with accessories, games, music and activities to entertain the children and guests throughout the function.

KiDZNJOY 1-4 years old

Music and dancing games, parachute and Gymboree games.

KiDZNJOY 5-12 years old
Games pass the parcel, musical chairs, color tag, pop the balloons competitions, musical statues, pantomime games, and much more.

KiDZNJOY Arts & Crafts
Frame decoration, Jewellery making, Art jamming, masquerade - mask decoration, Cloths decoration, activity beads designs, makeup/Nails party, and many more ideas.

KiDZNJOY Workshops

Decorating cupcakes/personal cakes - Make and decorate cookies and chocolate balls - Bread or Pizza making.

1-4 years old
5-12 years old
Arts & Crafts
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