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KiDZNJOY English Playgroup classes are designed for the early childhood age-groups, from NB to 4 years old. The children Play & Learn in a warm and caring environment. They learn all the basics in English, such as ABC, numbers, colors, shapes, body parts, hygiene, weather, seasons, etc., through fun stimulating activities. They gain knowledge and confidence, and acquire important skills that prepare them for pre-school.

KiDZNJOY Mommies & Babies Playgroup
NB to ~8 months (with parent/guardian). 


A unique class designed for newborns; with activities to promote early childhood brain development. Children in their first year of life are in the reflex-motor stage, and our class is designed to help them progress from involuntary to voluntary movements. The program creates readiness for learning, including the development of gross and fine motor skills and body awareness. The babies are exposed to coordination and strength activities, rhythm and music sensations, motor planning and sequencing routines, visual and auditory skill development and socialization skills.  This class also provides a great opportunity for mothers of little babies to get to know other young moms in their area and find friends for their babies, to get them used to socializing from their first months.


KiDZNJOY English Playgroup

9 months - 3 years and 2-4 years old

Our popular English Playgroup program is designed for the early childhood based on our methodology ‘Play n Learn’. Classes are operated by experienced teachers in English. The children develop through a variety of fun and stimulating educational activities including Music Games and Dancing; Arts & Crafts; Singing nursery rhymes; playing with sensory trays; Gymboree and parachute; Puppet games; 3D Storytelling, and much more. Through these activities the children learn all the English basics such as ABC, numbers, animals, shapes, body parts, colors, days, weather, etc. We use diverse international music and high quality musical instruments to create happy energy and excitement. The Playgroup fun experience helps the young children build confidence and be prepared for pre-school. The children gain self-confidence; self-expression; verbal and non-verbal communication skills through contact with other children and adults and through observation. They learn to socialize and cooperate through music, group singing, games and play-time. The program improves their physical skills (fine and gross motor skills) and develops them socially, emotionally and intellectually.  


KiDZNJOY Indoor Messy Playtime
1-4 years

A program filled with fun activities. The children are exposed to various types of art, textures and materials, such as sand, water, Jell-O, play-doh and much more. We make all materials by ourselves to ensure the children are not exposed to any toxic or harmful chemicals. Through our original sensory trays the children develop the 5 senses of sight, touch, hearing, taste and smell which contributes greatly to their cognitive and emotional development at the early childhood.


KiDZNJOY Music, Dance & Crafts

1-3 years


A high energy class filled with fun activities, a combination of music and art. Through music & movement the children perceive emotions of others, and it teaches them on human behavior. The happy music encourages the children to exercise in the form of dancing to the sounds of of international songs.  The music stimulates the children senses and allows them to express their feelings, while they ‘offload’ their energies and train their muscles in a fun, energetic aerobic practice. As the children play with different musical instruments, they are exposed to many kinds of sounds and rhythms, and dances, as they explore and learn to enjoy music and body movement. Together with the joy of music that develops their brain and memory, they gain physical confidence with improved fine and gross motor skills, and develop rhythm and coordination, social and communication skills. In addition, the class involves creative elements of arts & crafts, to expose the kids to various types of textures and materials, such as painting pictures frames, introduction to water colors, masks, place-mats, lanterns, door signs, collage, vase, paper-weights, candles and much more. Through the sensory experience of painting and creating art-work, they will develop the sense of touch and creativity, which contributes greatly to cognitive and emotional development at the early childhood. 

KiDZNJOY Creative Story-Time & Crafts

2-4 years


An exciting English class of learning through Story-telling that combines creative arts & crafts related to the story told. This class is the first introduction of the child to the world of reading. The teacher will read with the children popular books and teach them reading habits which will prepare them for nursery, pre-K and beyond. They will learn letter recognition and create art-work based on the themes of the book.  The teacher will teach new words to enhance the kids’ vocabulary. The kids will be encouraged to bring things from home and do ‘show-and-tell’ related to the story of the week. This builds their confidence and develops their self expression and communication skills. The discussion of the story pictures and characters allows the children to express their feelings. It develops their imagination and helps to further develop their social and communication skills. During holidays they will read stories related to holidays and cultures. The children will discover that reading can be done for both pleasure and study.   Reading becomes more fun when explored through arts & crafts activities. This is also a great chance to develop socially and emotionally as children interact with the teacher and their classmates practicing skills such as listening, following directions, sharing and taking turns.

Mommies & Babies Playgroup
English Playgroup
Indoor Messy Playtime
Music, Dance & Crafts
Creative Story-Time & Crafts
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